Community and Magic

Chapter (Season) 1 : Teaser

Community and Magic is currently in-production. This Digital Documentary Series will be the first Phase 2 Pictures Digital Original Production and tells the stories from the Magic: the Gathering Community.

This show will travel to the different cities and visit a variety of members of the Magic: the Gathering community to tell your story. Whether you are a casual or competitive player, artist, content creator, cosplayer, store owner or just enjoy collecting the cards, EVERYONE can tell their story.

“Community and Magic” has launched a website. You can track all the up to date details including when new episodes release on our new website! Phase 2 Pictures will still be the location to all production related details.

About the Series

The documentary series tells stories of the Magic: the Gathering community from the players and community member perspective. Each ‘Chapter’ will focus on a specific topic.

Genre: Multi-Part Documentary Series
Parts (Episodes) in a Chapter: 4 Episodes
Episode Running time: 35 minutes

The Return of the Gathering

During the COVID-19 pandemic the budding community of over 35 million players worldwide had to stop gathering in local, national and world events. As the world re-opens and Magic players are returning to local and national events, we explore what the last couple of years has been like. We also begin to search for the answer to one simple question. How does Magic the Gathering stay amongst the topmost popular trading card games worldwide?

Episode List

  1. Magic without the Gathering
  2. The rebirth of the digital age
  3. Surviving the pandemic
  4. The Art of Magic

The Surge of the Digital Era

During the COVID pandemic, Magic: the Gathering flourished and welcomed new players to the game in the 10’s of thousands. We will explore the boom, the pivot to online tournaments and theorize if digital Magic is the new era of the game. Will the 25+ year old paper game survive?

Episode List

  1. Coming Soon
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Coming Soon
  4. Coming Soon

Local Groups, Creators, and Influencers

Magic: the Gathering’s reach extends beyond convention center walls. Localized community groups, online social events and the massive rise of content creators including Twitch streams that do Magic: the Gathering content. There is also an evil word amongst this topic and that’s, investors! What has contributed to this uprising of these communities? Or has it been there all along?

Episode List

  1. Coming Soon
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Coming Soon
  4. Coming Soon

Interested in telling your story?

Do you have a Magic the Gathering story you want to tell? Then we are interested in interviewing you for our documentary series “Community and Magic”. Complete the form below and our producers will reach out to schedule a meeting to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have.

    Production Details


    Chris Onagan Director, Producer
    John Vanis Assistant Director, Producer
    Juan Buitron Line Producer, Executive Producer, 2nd Assistant Director
    Miguel Arteaga Director of Photography, Lighting and Grip
    Dennis Radtke Second Unit Videographer, Photographer
    John Zachary Second Unit Videographer, Photographer
    Knena Zachary Second Unit Videographer, Photographer
    Benjamin Lasher Production Assistant, Assistant Grip

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