“Community and Magic” Season 1 Sponsor and Patreon Support

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“Community and Magic” Season 1 Sponsor and Patreon Support

Season 1 Sponsor!

Phase 2 Pictures is proud to announce the partnership with Shipping Shield to bring “Community and Magic” Season 1 of the Digital Docu-series to the community.

More in the coming weeks and we are excited to get started! To purchase or learn more about Shipping Shield you can check out their website here: https://shippingshieldus.com

Support the Series on Patreon

This series is self funded and we currently do not have paid sponsorship, outside investment or paid advertising offers to absorb the cost it goes into making this series. We are looking for support to help continue the development. As a reward to supporting the production of “Community and Magic” we will give you exclusive access to behind the scenes content, early access to the episode releases, and exclusive artist items such as playmats as a token of thanks for your support.

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